Traveling Now

As technology continues to advance, traveling is much more accessible today than in the years past. Travelling is not only about seeing new places but it is also a form of self-investment. Experiencing new things puts life into perspective and allows us to grow out of our comfort zone.

The major hassle of traveling is packing. Especially now that cell phones and cameras are essential for travelers. With these gadgets are numerous wires, cords, and chargers to bring. 

Ever experienced reaching your destination and having to unpack tangled wires? How about misplacing cords? Different sockets for different countries? Bulky extension cords?

No worries! Being a traveler myself, I already know the essentials in what to bring and where to buy them!

Essentials For Your Gadgets

Here are my recommendations for your next travel trip! Avoid the hassle of bringing bulky components. Travel light and smart!

VanBon Power Strip

VanBon is a small and compact extension cord with universal sockets and USB ports. It can fit any luggage without any worries. Its universal outlets are perfect for traveling abroad, especially for countries with different outlets. Its compact cables are easily stored due to it having a side pocket for storage. It lessens the hassle of having tangled wires when traveling.

The VanBon power strip comes with a built-in overload protection system. It is an electronic device that is not a fire hazard and protects the battery life of your devices. Its universal outlets are also equipped with surge protection for the safety of your devices. The 6 ft hide-able extension cable cord comes with 2 universal AC outlets and 4 smart-USB charging ports that fulfill your charging needs.

Single Travel Adapters

When buying travel adapters, make sure it comes with the best reviews on the market. You need travel adapters that have up-to-date features. This travel adapter includes Type C-USB and fast charging. Its simple and compact design is perfect for traveling.

The Glamfields travel adapter accepts plugs from more than 200 countries. This device is with a self-resetting fuse. When over-voltage or current hits, the device self resets and protects your device. It comes with a 3 USB port  (2.4A), 1 Type C ( 3A), and 1 universal socket. You can simultaneously charge 5 devices at once.

Multi-Port Docking Station

When traveling, having a single charging station for all your devices is important. A 6 port USB docking station allows you to have all your electronic devices in one place. This docking station minimizes the risk of misplacing your cell phones and cameras. You can glance or have your eyes at all times at all of your electronic gadgets, be it at the hotel lobby or anywhere.

This docking station comes with long cordage and can charge 6 USB-driven electronic devices all at once. It has 3 USB ports that support fast and smart charging, perfect for cell phones and cameras. The other 3 USB ports are for other devices that require overnight charging.

The two best brands for electronic device support are Anker and Ravstation. Both of them are well-known to be compatible with leading electronic brands like Apple. Android, GoPro, and many more.

Battery Banks

When purchasing battery banks, make sure that the MAh is enough to charge your cell phone 3 to 4 times. For example, a typical iPhone has 3000MAh of battery life, and you can purchase a battery bank that is 10000MAh or more. Purchasing a battery bank with a smaller MAh than your daily driver is a waste of money.

Built-in cables is a must for battery banks. Either type-C for android or lightning cables for iPhone, it depends on what cell phone you use. Having built-in cables in your battery banks minimizes the risk of misplacing any cables, especially iPhone cables, which are very pricey to replace. It is also advisable to have a USB charging option for your battery banks. This gives you the flexibility to charge any USB-driven electronic device.

Rechargeable Double A Batteries

Having rechargeable batteries is a must when traveling. You can't predict the battery life of some electronic devices. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

The rechargeable double-A battery comes with a 1250 MAh battery life. It is perfect when it comes to emergencies during traveling. This rechargeable double-A battery has a USB drive in it, making it compatible to charge any device with a USB port. 

The use of rechargeable double A batteries comes to use in charging rechargeable fans. Fans are very handy, especially in places that are very hot and humid. Fans are also useful in treks and riding public transportation in some places.

Anker Vs. RavStation

The two brands offer the same in terms of being the leading brand for electronic devices. There is no wrong answer in choosing between Anker and RavStation. Both offer safe charging for your electronic gadgets. Choosing between the two of them all boils down to preference in whatever brand you had first.


Since traveling is much easier today, more and more issues arise. But the most common issue when it comes to traveling is packing the essentials for your trip. Countless wires, cords, adaptors, and chargers are with the different electronic gadgets you bring for your trip. Hassle right? Worry no more, with the rise in technology, more and more devices are getting smaller and compact. Making it easier to pack and bring when traveling.

The 6 port docking stations make your devices be found in one place. Battery banks with built-in charger cords minimize the risk of misplacing them. Universal outlets with USB ports are also handy especially in some countries that differ in outlet sockets. Rechargeable batteries are also useful especially in times of emergencies. You can never predict when or where your stock battery runs out.

As time goes by, traveling light becomes easier and easier. Electronic gadget companies are racing to be the first to make much smaller and compact devices. Making these electronic devices much easier to bring.

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